Sleep Capsules

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Sleep caps deliver a synergistic blend of adaptogenic herbs, melatonin and 25mg of Complete Choice CBD per capsule to help relax your body and mind and may help promote sleep naturally.  Our proprietary herbal blend helps the body to detoxify while you sleep so you wake up feeling rested without the morning drag that comes with other sleep aids.

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exogen™ products are formulated with organic, high-quality ingredients that are backed by science and research.  We pride ourselves for creating the highest quality, highest concentration and organic CBD-rich hemp oil available.  Made from 100% natural and pure CO2 extracts, C3 Global Biosciences (c3GBS) partners with generational farmers that have grown their hemp for decades high in the northern Netherlands mountains where the soils and climate are impeccable.

This product works well when used in conjunction with Relax or Dream Tinctures