Validation Technologies & Clinical Trials

Doctors and other medical practitioners who understand the medicinal value of CBD are frustrated by the lack of research and scientific data on CBD and its use cases for treating specific symptoms and conditions.  C3 Global Biosciences has partnered with Advanced Brain Monitoring (ABM) who has developed an FDA Approved wireless EEG (electroencephalography) device that allows medical practitioners to capture brain waves and analyze a patient’s neural response to CBD stimulants, so the right CBD dosage and product can be recommended.  By identifying and quantifying the effects CBD and other cannabinoids have on a patient, our highly validated device reduces patients’ reliance on “roll of the dice” CBD recommendation. 

ABM’s B-Alert X-24™ is non-invasive and is intended to acquire, display and securely store the electrical activity of a patient’s brain on a computer in real time.  The generated data serves as a clinical assessment aid for pre-post drug assessment and the diagnosis of neurological disease. This wireless system digitizes and records electrophysiological activity at 500Hz, and is further supported by advanced artifact filtering allowing for the cleanest signal possible.

The portable, easy-to-use, and comfortable-for-hours designs allow mobility during recordings as well as elimination of the signal artifacts typically worsened by the wires of traditional systems.